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ANZ Financial Wellbeing Calculator

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Question 1

How would you describe your current financial situation?
(1 = Very bad, 5 = Very good)

Question 2

How confident are you about your financial situation in the next 12 months?
(1 = Not at all confident, 5 = Very confident)

Question 3

How often do you have any money left over after you've paid for regular expenses like housing, electricity, food, clothing, petrol and transport?

Question 4

How often do you run short of money for regular expenses like housing, electricity, food, clothing, petrol or transport?

Question 5

Which of these statements best describes how well you're meeting bills and debt repayments at the moment?

Question 6

How well does this statement fit you personally?
My finances allow me to do the things I want and enjoy life.
(1 = Does not fit, 5 = Fits very well)

Question 7

In the past 12 months, how often have you been unable to pay bills or debt repayments at the final reminder due to lack of money?

Question 8

If you have to meet an unexpected expense tomorrow, equivalent to a month's income, how much of it would you be able to cover from money you have available (in cash or a bank account)?

Question 9

Would you need to borrow, overdraw your account or use a credit card to meet an unexpected expense equivalent to a month's income?

Question 10

If your income fell by a third, how long could you meet all your expenses without needing to borrow?

Question 11

Thinking about your total income, approximately how many month's income do you have in savings?

Question 12

How old are you?
Your financial wellbeing score is:
Your score
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Age group benchmarks of financial wellbeing are from the ANZ Roy Morgan Financial Wellbeing Dataset, compiled primarily from the 2017 survey of over 1,500 New Zealanders. For more information about ANZ’s research into financial wellbeing please click here.
And the next step is… Plan your spend!
You've taken the first step to improving your financial wellbeing. Remember, your score isn’t about good or bad, it’s about recognising what needs to change to help you manage your money better. Now, time to take a look at your needs and wants and set that budget.
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